Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hawk at CHAC Field, Fort Washington, PA

I was at my son's soccer game when I notice this hawk fly into a nearby tree...
Well, forget the soccer game this was too close to pass up the photo op.
After a brief visit to the tree he perched on this pole, 
then flew off after being harassed by the paparazzi.

The blue sky makes a nice frame for Midweek Blues, 
don't you agree?



  1. Heh, I agree - forget the soccer game, at least for a minute or two! This is fantastic. It looks like he's looking right at you!

  2. Absolutely beautiful - the clarity is spectacular and that sky is a beautiful blue background!

  3. Oh wow!
    I live where there is always a hawk somewhere and have never got one this up close.
    Awesome capture Rebecca!

    I've never had the thumbnail pic not be there. I tried twice. Maybe it will show up. :)

    Mine's on Carletta's Captures this week.

  4. This is a fabulous shot - at first I thought it was a statue!

  5. I like your hawk, Rebecca. :)
    It's a good picture that you took!

  6. Incredibly stark blue!! I need to come to your son's soccer games :)

  7. game called on account of hawk!! ;)

    what a great shot
    he's amazing and the sky is a wonderful background for him

  8. Georgous against the blue sky!

  9. Handsome fellow! He's perfect against that sky!!

  10. This is an amazing shot. I know from experience that hawks see every move a photographer makes. And to think it sat still long enough for you to its photo! :)

  11. Spoken like a true blogger, and photographer. Never pass up a photo op.

    Look at the face, the eyes, the detail of the feathers. It's a great shot against a deep blue sky.

  12. Great capture! I think I'd skip the soccer too!


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