Thursday, November 25, 2010

Welcome to Main Street Ambler in Suburban Pennsylvania

Technically I live in Maple Glen,
but my post office is Ambler.
Ambler is a town,
Maple Glen is suburban developments.

Ambler was originally called
The Village of Wissahickon.
 The original name is still prevalent locally
Wissahickon School District
Wissahickon Library
Wissahickon Fire Co
Wissahickon Creek
and so on...

The name change is credited to a brave young woman named
Mary Johnson Ambler,
who in 1856 assisted with
A tragic story of picnickers from the city 
en route to enjoy some fresh country air
and hitting another train head on.
But the train station is at the other end of town.

We are on the east end of town now,
by my favorite street called Lindenwald Avenue.

Let's stroll west past the Ambler Savings Bank on the right

Past Borough Hall on the left.

And we arrive at one of the architectural highlights of Ambler,
the Ambler Theater.

As we continue our walk we pass by some small shops.
And I love the ones with quaint signs.

The shoe repair man
was decorating his window for Christmas and waved to me.

Ambler also offers Arts and Beauty...

As we make our way West
be sure to notice the recently restored Grand Ambler Hotel,
now an Irish Pub.


As we get closer to the train station
we arrive at Main Street,
but Main Street isn't main street anymore,
Butler Pike is main street now.

But located around the corner on Main Street is one of my favorite places, 
so we will just have to take a little detour.

You might be surprised that one of my favorite places is a Hardware Store!
But this Hardware Store is 100 years old.
And when you go inside the floors creek
and the place screams history!

Decks still offers personalized service.
You can go in with an idea of what you want to do,
take a number if it is busy,
and the staff will gladly help you figure out what you need and how to accomplish it.
Now THAT is service!
No wonder they have been in business for 100 years.

Here's to another 100 years!

Around the corner,
and now we have come to the train station.
This is 2 miles from my home
and where my husband comes every morning
to commute to Center City Philly.

Which is exactly why we live where we live...
So my sweetheart can get to work easily
without us having to live in the city.
A 20 minute express gets him where he needs to be.

Much of Ambler's history is related to the railway.
This old asbestos factory located along the RR
is the reason for so many homes of the Victorian style.
And also why Ambler was named a Superfund Site.
I wrote about that in Ambler's Dirty Little Secret.

But the Superfund clean up continues...

And if you are so inclined you can buy a home on
what was previously a Superfund Site.

And finally, just beyond this bridge on the West Side of town
is Ambler's Best Kept Secret.

Our tour of Main Street Ambler - Butler Pike, is over,
and it is Thanksgiving
and it is snowing!

It is just magical.


~JarieLyn~ said...

Rebecca, you really did your research. Your town is so quaint and I just love all of the old buildings. My favorite is the old theatre and the decorative signs on the other buildings. Great post. Love all the history.

~JarieLyn~ said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Matty said...

I always enjoy seeing pictures of an area I recognize. I've been inside the art studio, and of course, who doesn't know about Decks. Great tour Beck.

James said...

Wonderful post Rebecca! I've been thinking about doing a similar one about Newtown for a long time. Hopefully this will inspire me. :)

Gemma Wiseman said...

A fascinating tour of your world! Some beautiful old buildings there!

Sue McPeak said...

What a unique and historic town Ambler is. I really enjoyed your PhotoTour and commentary. I loved all the buildings, but I think my favorite is the restored Irish Pub and the Hardware those old creaky wooden floors.

Thanks so much for such a detailed and interesting walk through your town.

Pauline said...

Thanks for the tour of your beautiful town. I wonder what a Partner School is and have never heard of Superfund sites, but that doesn't matter at all.
I love those old stores where service is as it used to be! And the restored Irish Pub. Lovely shoot-out!

Jama said...

Such a quiet and beautiful town, so totally opposite of my urbanized town.

Bagman and Butler said...

Now this is a first class post, a true introduction to Ambler's main street....almost prompts me to Google Earth it. Lots of history. Great shots. I feel like I just took a walk.

Unknown said...

You did a great job on that post. Great photo story and tour. Thanks for sharing.

spiritsoflena said...

I really enjoyed the tour! Love those signs, especially the mermaid.

Unknown said...

Ambler is a quaint little place. thanks for the tour! the old buildings are fabulous, as well as the unique signs.

Kerry said...

This morning I flew over Ambler, I bet, or at least not far from it (flights from Ithaca to Newark, Newark to Portland, OR) Wish I could have stopped by Ambler. The post you wrote about the theater is one of my favorites, but I also really like all of your shots of signs and other buildings. That factory looks amazing with its tall stack and the interesting sky behind it.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the great tour! I especially loved the theater and the old hotel. I too am smitten with hardware stores, and the older the better! I could spend all day in one. Yours sounds like the crown jewel!

J9 said...

What a great walking tour of your town! I love the store signs and the pub!

Anonymous said...

Ambler will always be a special place for me. It has so much character (and so many different type too!).

SouthernSass said...

I really enjoyed viewing your town through your lens. Its a really nice area and we love visiting Philly!

4 Lettre Words said...

What a lovely place! That theater is awesome.