Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Factory Blues

This old factory used to manufacture asbestos.
It closed many years ago and has been a fixture in town for as long as I remember.

What makes me blue is that, along with some sister buildings, it is being demolished!
I know, it needs to be demolished because of the asbestos...
but it was such a big part of the history of our town that I am sad to see it go.

There was a big ta-doo about building a highrise in its place,
 but last I heard, that effort was defeated.
I don't know what the future holds for the property.
Time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

Aw man. I was here last week and saw the sister building being demolished, I didn't know this one was going too! Major bummer. I had an opportunity to sneak in the sister building this summer, but I was alone and didn't want to risk it.

Kerry said...

You have written about this before, and your photographs of the factory are amazing; it seems like you should take as many pictures as possible. It would make a good book.

This particular picture of the asbestos factory is very sad, as if the place is already fading into oblivion, nothing distinct but the dumpster.

Dianne said...

I always wish buildings could be brought back to life as something new

Carletta said...

There are many old warehouses in my area as well. I feel much the same as you - sad they must be destroyed. They are a reminder of a time gone by of hard work and dedication.
Nice shot.
It's good to be back here. :)

cieldequimper said...

I hate old buildings being demolished like that.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

You have really managed to capture the feeling of this building well! I also like how you included the blue dumpster! Very creative, thanks for sharing!!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Awww...that is sad! It's so lovely.

James said...

That's terrible! I love old buildings of all types. I'm glad that you took photos of it.
That's a very cool effect btw!

Ashley Sisk said...

Sad but the photo looks incredible. I love the processing.

jeannette said...

Sigh - I understand both sides -I love old buildings, but I also know people who have gotten seriously ill from asbestos (it seems very expensive to remove it -probably more than demolishing the building).
Yeah, I like the look!

~JarieLyn~ said...

Lovely photo and sad to see it go.