Friday, January 28, 2011

Lindenwold Terrace in Winter

I have posted about this little street in Ambler before,
but this is my first collection of photos in winter.
The street is called Lindenwold Terrace - 
The mature trees and historic homes make it one of my
favorite spots in the neighborhood.

The 'castle' at St Mary's home has a rich history.

And below it the only shot you can get without trespassing. 

The wall along St Mary's Home is across the street from some beautiful homes.

This beauty is on the corner.
#1 Lindenwold Terrace.

Window detail
#2 Lindenwold Terrace

#3 Lindenwold Terrace

#4 Lindenwold Terrace

Window details
#5 Lindenwold Terrace

#7 Lindenwold Terrace

 #6 Lindenwold Terrace

#8 Lindenwold Terrace

In the snow they remind me of Gingerbread Houses.


  1. I know those buildings well, I've always wondered if there was any way in. Mr. Telephoto seems to be the only ticket :-)

    I forgot I lived on Trinity Ave for a few months, so I passed by St. Mary's every day.

  2. Beautiful series of architectural details.

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog...:) All these pictures look like castles!! Are they just plain buildings?? And the snow gives a fairytale effect to the pictures!!

  4. I think you know how much I love historic houses and these far surpass anything I've ever been able to shoot. They are just breathtaking. The snow just lends such a special character to them. When I tried to see the summer view and histories I was told there was an error in the URL. Oh, no. If you have time maybe you could check it out or email me privately because I would really love to see that. Thanks, friend! Have a wonderful weekend and hope you dig out soon!

  5. these are beautiful photos - the stone wall in the snow is my favorite...

  6. What a wonderful place it looks like a magical. It's so pretty!

  7. Just LOOK at all of that gorgeous white snow you have out there in the Northeast. It adds a special touch to these historic buildings. And everything looks so pristine and peaceful too.

  8. They are just such attractive houses - and the snow makes them look as though they've escaped from a fairy tale.

  9. Gorgeous, love the architecture

  10. Marvellous posts, winter wonderland! Superb.

  11. Beautiful snow shots! I bet in the summer they are just as stunning!

  12. Gorgeous historic building, all clad in snow but I bet they look more stunning when the weather is much better.

  13. Wow, that's one collection of interesting houses for a photographer. I think my favourites are the fence and the gate in the first two photos, though.

  14. Wow - these photos are absolutely gorgeous. Love them.

  15. What a wonderful collection of favourites. Mine is the fence shot! They are all lovely!

  16. these homes are fabulous! I like the sidewalk and tree shot. we are in the midst of a gigantic blizzard and they are predicting around 15" of snow. (or more or less)

  17. Thank you for posting these. I grew up on this street and have many fond childhood memories.

  18. When I was a kid I lived on Lindenwald Terrace with my mom, aunt and great grandmother. It was the second house down from the gate of St. Mary's - any chance you have a pix of that house? I want to say it was #7 but that could be wrong, it was a long time ago now. These are lovely photo's they bring back some nice memories.

  19. Great Pixs. I lived at 5 Lindenwold Terrace from 1948 until 1960 and loved the beauty of Royal Mattison's castle and his executive homes. I remember his wife at #8 Lindenwold T.the Bozzuties at # 7 and Ekfeldt's at # 6 and Reilly's at #5 and Cassells at #4 and Donatellis at #3 etc... I wonder if Pauline Semansky who was my heart throb in those days ever checks this post! If you do Pauline and want to talk e-mail me at

  20. I was looking for a picture of #2 Lindenwold terrace because my dad lived there, from about 1971 or 1972 to 1988. He had an apartment on the first floor, while the owner was still converting the rest of the old house into apartments. He moved in 1988, when someone bought the place to turn it back into a single-family home.

    1. I own #2 Lindenwold Terrace. Our house is actually on the market right now. You can find many pictures at


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