Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fire and Ice Festival, Mt Holly, NJ Part 1

Had a little fun today in Mt Holly, NJ.
Their Fire and Ice Festival was today and my husband and I checked it out.
We give the event two thumbs up!

This set of photos features some of the Ice Artists.

Here is how the artists attach a piece of ice to another...
Take a swig...

Spit it onto the joint....

Hold in place until your fingers practically freeze off.

I think she has fallen in love with her maker...

But there was so much more...
including the Fire!


  1. I've never watched anyone carve the ice but have seen some really beautiful photos of the sculptures created.

    What fun to have witnessed this :)

  2. It looks SO awesome. What a great thing to do. I love all of your adventures : ) You are always on the go. We all benefit from your great adventures : )

  3. I'm going to restrain myself and wait for the daily surprise! I hope the fire artists aren't too near the ice ones!

  4. This looks so interesting. I always wondered how they could create something so beautiful out of ice. Great photo documentation.


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