Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Racing Eyes

I love the look of these blue eyed dogs.
I went to a sled dog event on Saturday
and there were so many blue eyes.

A beauty in white.

Look at the hair on this one,
it reminded me of a lion!

This gal, whose name escapes me,
was the calmest dog ever!
She was enjoying a belly rub
while her hyper cousins were in the races.

She was a visitor, not a racer.
I guess that explains the relaxed temperament.

I did another post on this event here.
All my photos from this gallery can be viewed here.

Annual Kiwanis Club
Dog Sled Challenge and Mushing Education
Lake Lenape Park, Sellersville, PA
Free admission


  1. I love these beautiful dogs! You captured them well!

  2. Mushing is a dream of mine. Gorgeous.

  3. Such gorgeous dogs. Love these photos and I hope you enjoyed the event. I've always wanted to see sled dogs in action.

  4. these are beautiful dogs! my dog has brown eyes.:p

    wonderful shots!


  5. I've been remiss at midweek blues :-(

    One of my neighbors has a husky. We call it 'psycho-dog' because it doesn't like anyone walking on their sidewalk.

    Great eyes.

  6. Aren't these blue-eyed dogs beautiful! They're also very good people dogs - our neighbor from one of the previous place we lived had one.
    Two Years ago we went to Big Bear Lake in the mountains and they had sled dogs available for people, only they didn't have a race.

  7. beautiful dogs! love their look also.

  8. These dogs are wonderful! The pictures are pretty darned good too!

    Have you ever seen the movie "Eight Below"? All about sled dogs left in Antartica! Fabulous. You'll cry your eyes out. It's a Disney movie so the whole family can enjoy it!

  9. Those dogs are so soulful! Great pictures!! I also like your new background and header! Pretty!

  10. Especially the last photo, ohh so sweet ;-)

  11. Those are nice looking Huskies, Rebecca. They remind me of the time we visited in Alsask.
    You'd have thought those dogs were after a bone when they got the word to hitch up! They even knew their pulling places for the run and stood ready to be hitched up. Howling all the while!

  12. sled dogs DO have gorgeous eyes, don't they?

  13. Our Nikki had the most beautiful steel blue eyes. The sled dogs love the run, so when they are visited by anyone wanting to just pet them, give their ears a rub, they go crazy with the anticipation, thinking, "Oh boy, she's going to take us out!" My brothers and son were the mushers...how I miss those beautiful, and soulful dogs.

  14. Beautiful animals!
    You are just having too much fun this winter! All I can interest Tara in doing these days is visiting MALLS! Hopefully warm weather will bring some "normal" back into our lives....

  15. The statement 'eyes to the soul' couldn't be more true looking at these big blue eyes.
    My brother has a husky. They are husky yet gentle creatures.
    Kathy's right - that movie is tearful but really good.

  16. They are such beautiful dogs! You did a great job of photographing them.

  17. My first time here..

    beautiful dogs and photographs!

  18. I saw dogs like this in our hot summer, and I feel sorry for them. They should belong to your snowy weather.

  19. WOW!! Those eyes are awesome!!


  20. They are magnificent! Great photos! XO


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