Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stained Glass at Glencairn Museum

I posted about a Medieval Festival held at this museum here.
It is hard to imagine that at one time this place was a residence!

The colors are so rich.
I was particularly struck by the richness 
and quantity of the blues!

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Rebecca said...

I messed up posting this at noon. :) I hit post instead of scheduled. Oh well, the linky is set for 10am EST.

Luna Miranda said...

stained glass art is amazing. these are beautiful.

jeannette said...

Oh, to live in a house with a window like this -I think I would be (already:) ) in heaven (smile). Love this stark blues in it.

Carletta said...

Talk about 'a man's home being his castle'!
Beautiful windows!

Carletta's Captures

SouthernSass said...

Beautiful blues in these stained glass windows!

Kathy said...

You certainly captured the color and light of the stained glass in an exquisite way.

Jim said...

These are very pretty windows, Rebecca. Good pictures too! The blues are soooooo vivid in the bottom one.
Happy MidWeek Blues!
BTW, you are missing a label for MidWeek Blues. I had been getting last weeks all evening so finally I decided to visit your blog without using the label search.

May said...

I love stained art glass too. They make for gorgeous pictures, especially close ups!! We have plenty of them here in the churches in Germany, each window narrating the stories from the Bible.

Anonymous said...

I'm too a big fan of stained glass!
Great photos, Rebecca ;-)

Dianne said...

the blues are very rich
beautiful glass

Rimkogeren said...

Fantastic beautiful images give life to the church;-)

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Oh my the detail and colors here are outstanding! I can only imagine how rich it must have felt with sunshine coming through! Glad you shared!