Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blue Eyed Mini Horse

In Strasburg PA there is a 
Miniature Horse Farm.
Several horses at the farm 
had blue eyes!
Have you ever seen a blue eyed horse?

Lancaster County 2011

Lancaster County 2011

My computer died...  :(
so most of my blogging is on hold for a while. 
 I will visit your links via another computer.

The last 2 weeks autopost did not post
I am giving it one more try today,
if it doesn't post at noon I will post it when I get home
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  1. a blue-eyed horse, wow! i don't i ever had the chance to look at a horse eye-to-eye.:p he's a beauty.
    oh, sorry about your computer.

    My Midweek Blues

  2. I do not think I've seen a blue-eyed horse, that's really cool!

  3. Sorry about your computer woes! I have never seen a blue eyed horse before.

  4. Yeah, Rebecca, I stopped by too! First I left my link with Mr. Linky but he didn't like it.
    I redid the thing and he told me he already had it but still it isn't up. He must be 'out' with your computer. I really am sorry about you computer. I have one that is out and I just abandoned it.
    My link is
    because I want people to see my bald eagle nesting with two babies and one egg still to hatch that I am running today also. I posted it Friday but keep bumping it up.
    I like your minature horses. They are neat. And, no, I haven't seen any with blue eyes. But I haven't looked any in the eye.

    We have them here, next time I go I will peek and let you know what color they are.

  5. Good focus on the eye in the second shot. That's very important for animal portraits!

  6. Amazing! A beautiful, light blue eye in that second photo! It gives a gentle look to the horse!

  7. I bet their eyes are beautiful!

  8. I actually saw a blue-eyed horse this weekend at the First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas, believed by some to be the largest flea market in the world. They have one large area where only animals are sold and I saw the horse there. I checked on the Net and I guess they really aren't all that uncommon and are more likely found on horses that have white in the face. The one I saw this weekend was an Appaloosa with one blue eye. Hope your computer gets well soon. I hate it when mine gets the flu!

  9. I have never seen a blue-eyed horse before, but why should'nt it be so, when there too are few dogs with blue eyes!
    I hope you soon have your computer back ;-)

  10. Can't remember ever seeing a blue eyed horse -while it's not an albino -I guess exception defines what normal is:)
    Hope you get your computer fixed soon -what a hassle!

  11. your framing of the top shot is flawless
    I love their eyelashes

  12. No, I have never seen a blue-eyed horse. Amazing!

  13. Pretty! I had taken photos of a blue eyes horse last *late* summer it was very pretty!


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