Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Goody Shop, New Hope, PA

Tucked away on a corner store
in the quaint village of New Hope, PA 
is a sweet delight.
The first thing that caught my eye was 
this figure in the window display.

Do you recognize the design?
It's Candy Land!
So of course I had to go inside.

And what I found 
was a little candy shop
 that was full of
childhood delights. 

I could just imagine coming in
as a kid with a little money in my fist
ready to choose a treat.

Remember what that was like?
Looking over each shelf 
figuring the best use of your money...

It would be a tough decision 
choosing from displays 
so colorful and tantalizing.

And so....
reminiscent of childhood.

This little store is called
The Goody Bag. 
(How cute is that name?)

The Goody Bag is located at
132 South Main Street
right on the main drag in New Hope.

The proprietors
are Michele Vigilante and Curt Holford
and they are just as sweet
as their shop.

On your next visit to New Hope,
be sure to stop in.
Or better yet,
 get over there this week and
 fill some Easter baskets.

I just love privately owned shops.
They have so much more personality
than the same old chain store.
They give small towns their own unique flavor.
So be sure to visit one whenever you can.

The Goody Bag
132 South Main Street
New Hope, PA 18938

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DawnTreader said...

Oh sweet temptations... ;) Don't really dare eat a lot of that stuff any more though... Dark chocolate, but not much else!

Anonymous said...

New Hope is a lot of fun, I prefer going during the week when it's less crowded. The shop owners are usually very friendly. I didn't realize the mannequin was candyland, very cool!

Doreen McGettigan said...

I have not been to New Hope in so long. I will have to drag my husband there this week.
Thank you for this yummy post.
I am making my friends in Pa. has been awhile:)

Kerry said...

Fabulous! Candy cigarettes: I used to love those things and they never led to a smoking habit, just a fondness for silly candy.

betty-NZ said...

I would go crazy in a shop like that! Love the nostalgia.

Anita Johnson said...

Well, nothing like getting my sweet tooth going so early in the morning! Your photos are just beautiful!