Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Cigar Maker

He is not just smoking a cigar.
He is making cigars!

Actually rolling them by hand.

Now, I do not condone smoking.
But I love when things are handmade.
So you could say I am conflicted over this whole post.

If I recall correctly, they were selling 3 for $8
at the Italian Market Festival in Philadelphia.

Here is a link to all my photos from the festival.


  1. I love the smell of cigar smoke (fresh)
    Aren't the best cigars the ones that are rolled on the inner thigh of a young lady?

  2. and a handsome cigar-maker at that!:p i didn't associate cigar-making with Italians, i thought it's more of a Latin American thing.:p
    i also love the smell of cigar.

    Midweek Blues @ Live in the Moment

  3. Cool shots! I would love to watch them and see how it's done.

  4. I hate the smell of cigar smoke! Probably because my dad smoked cigars for a number of years. They are nasty!

  5. Wowza's! That's a pretty big cigar, too. My hubby smokes cigars, but not these kind....the ones with the little plastic tips, smaller, like a cigarette. {{yuck}}

  6. Wow..that is fascinating to see for sure! Wonderful photos!

  7. I don't smoke, never have, but I think the smell of a fresh cigar (non-burning) is heavenly. Cool shots!

  8. Understand the conflicted-ness:):)but I like a whiff of cigar smoke much better than from cigarette smoke!

  9. he is handsome!
    and a craftsman
    wonderful shots

  10. I like the smell of good cigars (and pipe tobacco)! I too like your photos, which shows some of the process making cigars ;-)

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