Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WW II Reading Air Show

The World War II Air Show in Reading, PA 
is a very popular spot with history buffs. 

Previously I posted on the flame throwers, 
but today we'll see the vintage airplanes.

On the ground... 

This planes wings fold up.

In the air..

Check out all the airshow photos here.


  1. the first photo is amazing! it actually looks like you were flying beside the plane. terrific shots!

    My Midweek Blues

  2. Love to see these old planes -have never been taking a ride in one though! But it stirs up the imagination:)

  3. I love your post. It makes me want to go to an air show when cooler weather comes along!

    Did you go flying? Great pictures! I'm with Luna, it does look like you were riding alongside.

    For Mrs. Jim's birthday one year I got her the "Deluxe Package" ride on a T-6 Texan Warbird trainer. It was out of Galvestong Texas and they flew along the Gulf Coast Line.

    They did loop-top-loops, flew upside down, etc. She rode up front and got to operate the landing gear.

    Her brother was killed less than a month before she was born. He was a P-38 pilot, flying over Italy in WWII.

  4. These are wonderful shots, Becky!!

  5. That´s a nice show! LG Tina
    If you like, have a look on *PicStory* which I started today!
    LG Tina

  6. Wonderful pictures.
    They evoke memories. When I was a boy I had a little Spitfire. In the dream world, defeated all the Nazi air force!!

  7. I really like the 2nd shot
    all those panes of glass in the cockpit

  8. As with the baseball, I love anything vintage including the planes and the actors. Great pictures Rebecca.

  9. Awesome shots of the aircraft..Have a wonderful day!


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