Tuesday, August 23, 2011

PC Blues...Again.

I am singing the PC Blues...
My PC died and there does not seem to be 
another resurrection in store for it.
So, I have no photo for you today.
They are all trapped on my camera card
with no place to go. 
I guess I will be PC shopping...
or maybe hubby will even spring for a Mac
and chase my blues away. 

Link up your blues...hopefully,
next week I will have a new computer.


  1. That's such a bummer :-( My youngest son constantly pesters me for a mac. I told him I wanted one first.

  2. Happy shopping :). We just converted to a Mac and I love it.

  3. So sorry about your PC. Terminal disease is so hard to take!

  4. Know what you're going through since I just went through that the last few weeks!
    Hang on, it's agonizing, but fortunately your troubles will be over eventually go away:)

  5. have some fun shopping around
    there are a lot of back to school deals going on right now

  6. I hope you find an even better new one!

  7. I wish you much enjoyment with your new PC.

  8. Thanks very much for the comments left on my blog Amish Stories. And please be safe out there with Irene coming into our area. Richard from Amish Stories.

  9. Hi Rebecca ~~ I'm real sorry for your computer blues. Mine crashed just before my surgery. I was able to replace it but there aren't all the familiar favorites and other nice helps on this new one.

    I did a MidWeek Blues finally again. I'll see if you can get Mr. Linky mustered up a little later. I hope so.


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