Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Moravian Tile Works

Forgive me... 
I am still on my Henry C. Mercer obsession. 
(The man is fascinating.)
This week the focus is on his tiles.  

In his early 50's, Henry Chapman Mercer started producing the tiles 
for which he is known today.
They have been purchased and installed around the world.

His style and designs were inspired by his large collection of
German Stove Plates.
You can see the similarities in the designs.
Below is a sample stove plate.

The tiles were made by hand -
as Mercer was a proponent of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Today, his Moravian Pottery and Tile Works still exists
in Doylestown, PA and produces the tiles
in the same manner of Henry C. Mercer.

Visiting one of his buildings
is like visiting tile heaven.


Jim said...

Thank you, Rebecca, for this neat informational post. I had heard of the Moravian Potteray and now I know it wasn't made in Moravia but rather by a Moravian person. I presume is her in the picture.

Happy MidWeek Blues! :)

Jientje said...

It's a good thing this beautiful craftsmanship is kept alive. Thanks for sharing.

Wayne said...

The tileworks are very cool. I just want to buy one of each and got nuts.

Unknown said...

Rebecca, I've seen the stove plates, but I like the two ones on top even more -so colorful - no doubt, very skillful! Thanks for sharing the info, I knew nothing about:)

Linda (LB2556) said...

Becky...love the pictures you posted...that place really was a treasure trove of cool things...love the bit of history you posted as well...interesting reading!