Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dare I Say Spring?

Let me tell you about at typical February in Southeastern Pennsylvania. 
It is usually a month I dread. 
Grey Skies 
Shoveling Snow 
Scraping Ice
Bitter Winds 
The dreaded "Wintry Mix" 
which consists of a delightful blend of rain, sleet and snow all mixed together. 
And lots of feeling blue by the fire while wishing for spring to come.

But February 2012 has been a whole new experience. 
(And I like it.) 
We have had more blue skies than not 
No mentionable snow accumulation
Lovely springlike afternoons
Spring bulbs that started blooming in early February - 
You know, the ones we don't usually see til March at best.

(Same photo different edit.)

So I am here to tell you that the 
whole ground hog thing on February 2 
is just a myth, 
'cause that darn rodent predicted 6 more weeks of winter. 
(Maybe I should knock on wood or something right about now.)

And yesterday, 
in Philadelphia 
I saw Cherry Blossoms!  
Yes, that was February 27 and there were Cherry Blossoms! 
Heavenly Cherry Blossoms
blooming over my head.


Kmcblackburn said...

Wow...WHERE in Philly did you see these Cherry Blossoms? That is unbelievable! Just a figure of speech 'cause I DO believe you :)

Jim said...
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Jim said...

I love those cherry blossoms. We don't have them here but I saw a lot of them in Washington, D.C, on our way moving from New Hampshire to Houston.

The ones you found are sooooo pretty. Our ornamental pears and the red buds are blooming already. I always dread the early blooming because we could still have a frost and set them all way back.

We don't have your tough winters but still frost. Today is mid 70's, tomorrow it is supposed to be 80.

Happy MidWeek Blues!
Do you remember the old song,
"Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White"? I liked that one. It was popular back in the 50's.

Unknown said...

LOVE these frilly blossoms, but no Spring yet, Rebecca, we had HAIL yesterday night...in California!

Dianne said...

did you knock on something right away? it's supposed to snow tomorrow night

beautiful photos Rebecca

Wayne said...

Compared with the last two Winters, this one has been a walk in the park. How about that, cherry blossoms before the flower show?!

Kathy said...

We noticed our redbud in bloom just today! The azaleas have also started to bloom but this is their time of year so that's not unusual. I'm not convinced that winter is really over. I keep waiting for that early spring storm.