Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Deep, Dead Water

Pënëpèkw...that is what the Leni Lenape called the Pennypack Creek 
that runs through three counties before joining the Delaware River in Philadelphia.  

The land around the creek was built up with several mills. 
As mill power declined in use 
the land was converted to parkland. 
Now THAT was foresight.

Notice those stone pillars? 
I wonder what they supported.

I recently discovered the area around the Pennypack Creek.
Sadly it is one of those places I always lived around...
Well you know the story.
You live by something your whole life 
but because it was always there you never really noticed it.

Well, I just noticed it.
It is beautiful! 
You could spend hours days here.

And then, BEHOLD, I fell in love.
{Insert Angels singing}

And guess what?

Yep, it's for sale!
Pitter Patter!

So my husband and I took a closer look.

Just look at this back patio, double french doors, picture window...
And the inside?
Completely refurbished.

This house was once a mill.
You know what that means?
Water, lots of water.
Potential flooding.
Our first house was by a babbling creek...
so  we KNOW what THAT is like.
But the house is charming!
Really charming.

I decided I will just have to live in this house in my dreams.


Kmcblackburn said...

Geez Becky...just took a look at the listing and accompanying photos! WOW, it's a beauty. And the best part? You'd be a Golden Bear again, haha.


Jim said...

You took some really nice pictures over there, Rebecca. My favorite will be the squirrels. :)

Happy MidWeek Blues!
BTW, I couldn't find Mr. Linky today yet.
So here is my MidWeek Blues for this week.

Kathy said...

Sometimes dreams are best left as that!

Unknown said...

Dreams keep us inspired!

Dianne said...

may I live there with you in my dreams? I make great Italian food, we can have dream dinners together

the house is wonderful
I love the rolling hills and the stone work

squirrel is adorable

NatureFootstep said...

I would not mind taking a look at this house too. :)

James said...

The house looks beautiful but $895,000 is over my budget. :)