Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Village of Manayunk

The Village of Manayunk 
is in the north west part of the City of Philadelphia. 
The name Manayunk is from 
the Lenape Indian word for 'river'...or literally, 'to drink.' 
Which is funny, 
because today Manayunk is known for its night life.
So the word continues to apply! 

Manayunk got its start 
due to its location along the Schyukhill River.

At the onset of the Industrial Revolution
a canal was created 
to supply power for mills.

Today, along the canal is a wonderful path 
used for walking, running and biking.

The Manayunk Canal Towpath 
is part of the Schuykill River Trail 
which can get you from Philly to Valley Forge 
on a 20 mile path. Map here.

So if the 'Yunker' Nightlife isn't your thing, 
you can enjoy all Manayunk has to offer in the daytime hours. 

It is worth investigating!

Click here for more Manayunk Photos.

Manayunk, 1900s

"An old town, now a northwestern part of the city. An important manufacturing district. Water power, furnished by the Schuylkill Canal, has long been used to run numerous textile and paper mills. Many of the streets so steep that horses cannot use them. Sidewalks are flights of steps."


Jim said...

Hi Rebecca ~~ Manayunk and the Canal there by the river are beautiful places. I might need to revisit Philadelphia, and if I do for sure visit these.

BTW, my first job (17 years' worth) after my Army stent was with Philco Corporation out of Philadelphia. I was a Philco Tech Rep Field Engineer.
Is Philco still there for any reason?

Jim said...

Oh yes, I do love the dog and his little blue backpack. I might not have noticed the blue backpack had you not pointed it out. Thank you.
Happy MidWeek Blues!

Kmcblackburn said...

Oh too funny, it was soooo nice yesterday I was THIS CLOSE to going to Manayunk for a photo stroll. Sigh...should have gone.


Dianne said...

what a sweet town
I have to visit there

wonderful photos
I love how you compose your shots and your edits are always perfect

the dog is sweet

Kerry said...

I wonder what kind of doggie that is?

Super cool pics of a place I would love to visit someday. I suppose the towpath is where horses (?) used to haul barges? i didn't know these still existed.

Kathy said...

There are lots of photos to like in this post but I must say a truss bridge always attracts my attention.

GardenOfDaisies said...

It sounds like the name is still very appropriate! :-) Your photos are amazing!

Mersad said...

Love the blue backpack! Great HDRs too!

Dimple said...

This is really interesting and attractively presented. I am usually a woods and fields sort of person, but I think Manayunk would be a good place to visit!

Reader Wil said...

Great pictures of a uptil now unknown place to me. It looks very nice. The walk along the river reminds me of the walk along the Seine in Paris.
Have a great week!