Thursday, March 22, 2012

Henry Mercer's Buildings

I am finishing up a magazine submission on the intriguing
Henry Chapman Mercer.  
I've shown inside photos of his buildings and tile work previously, 
but his tile work and creative building style extends outdoors as well.

Outside of the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works 
where his handmade tiles are made 
there are interesting kiln stacks. 

They line the roof top.
Each one is a piece of art.

One of the reasons Henry Mercer went into the tile business 
is because he appreciated pre Industrial Revolution hand-made work. 
He didn't like everything matchy-matchy so to speak.

His castle-home, museum, and tile factory all reflect that fact.

I appreciate that about him. 
It makes life so much more interesting. 

It helps to have a very rich aunt support your interests! 
Um, Henry had the rich aunt, not me! 

Below is his castle home, 
designed and built by Henry Mercer. 
And he received no training in architecture or construction. 
He was trained in the law, but never practiced it. 

He built in concrete to prevent his collections of
early Americana from being destroyed by fire.
He really must have been a genius.


  1. Interesting - thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. Wow...this is just amazing. Great shots♥

  3. An interesting entrepreneur. Good luck on your mag submission. Do you submit text also or just photos?

  4. Such grand photos perfect for this week's theme!

  5. Beautiful photos! I love the first one through the window, what a great frame and lovely colors. And that night shot! Simply amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  6. What a great looking palace!

  7. Such interesting info, Rebecca! Love the chimneys! It takes more creativity to have things NOT matching, and still fitting together:)

  8. I enjoyed reading that!
    Those Kiln Stacks are beautiful
    Great photos, I love the night shot its beautiful.

  9. I like your post. I look at the first photo and yes I could tell the owner has an eye of great and beautiful things. Thanks for sharing.


  10. I enjoyed this post. I like to hear the story behind... my fav picture is the stacks framed by the window. I love this type of shot - hugs from Brazil

  11. I enjoyed this post. I like to hear the story behind... my fav picture is the stacks framed by the window. I love this type of shot - hugs from Brazil

  12. His castle reminds me of The Biltmore Estate in Ashville NC. I don't know this name but will look him up some great shops here.

  13. Absolutely facinating blog - I had never heard of him before. I'm sure it is going to make a beautiful magazine piece. His tile chimneys are great.

  14. I can't possibly pick a favorite - they're all great and the story is so interesting. Love the tile detail in the first shot.

  15. These are great shots; the magazine would be crazy not to gobble these up! Everything is almost storybook-like. So interesting. Reminds me just a bit of Gaudi in Barcelona.

  16. Most of us could have as many rich aunts as we could imagine and never dream of creating something so fascinating. (That goes for your images as well.) I'm not a fan of matchy-matchy - love the kiln stacks through the window!


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