Monday, March 12, 2012

The SKY in Landscape Photography

The SKY in Landscape Photography
by Guest Author Michelle Alton

Did you have a chance to meet Michelle last week?
If not, check out her interview here.

Here are Michelle's suggestions for considering the sky when photographing landscapes.

Since everyone loves to capture scenery, 
especially on vacations, 
these tips will center around landscape photography, 
in particular, the role that the sky plays in landscape photography.  

The tips borrow extensively from Darren Rowse, 
the founder and chief blogger of (DPS). 
The photos that are used to illustrate the tips will be mine unless otherwise stated. 
You can read Darren's article at here.

Most landscapes will either have a dominant foreground or sky. 
Unless you have one or the other your shot can end up looking boring. 
(PS  That's why we try not to put the horizon through the center of the photo.) 

If you have a bland, boring sky don't let it dominate your shot. 
Place the horizon in the upper third of your shot making sure your foreground is interesting. 

 Horizon is raised for this pretty waterfall in Petit Jean, Arkansas.

However if the sky is filled with drama and interesting cloud formations and colors,
 let it shine by placing the horizon lower.

 A great sky needs to be shown off by lowering the horizon.

 Another Great Sky to Showcase.

Another great way to take advantage of a great sky is to try to capture some movement in it.  
Adding a bird or a few birds in flight is a terrific way to do that, 
if you’re lucky enough to have them visit your sky.

The birds and blowing clouds convey movement in this scene at the
 Howell Living History Farm in Lambertville, NJ.

I hope this short tutorial has provided some delicious food for thought 
the next time you’re out shooting landscapes.

Now it's your turn to capture the sky!  
Beginning on Monday, March 19 thru Friday March 23
you can link your sky photos for our March competition. 
Michelle will be the judge! 

You can visit Michelle at 
“Your Best Shot” ( )
“Tales of Relentless Pursuit” ( )

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