Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's Next?

The new features on my blog have gotten off to a great start! 
Thanks for stopping by for our Guest Interview and Guest Tutorial 
by photographer Michelle Alton. 
Thanks to Michelle too!

Here's what comes next: 
I will be inviting a new Guest Photographer each month
to write a photography related tutorial for you.
After the tutorial, we'll have a friendly photo competition 
based on applying the tips in the tutorial. 
The tutorial author will also judge the competition.

I say 'friendly' because it really isn't about winning, 
although that provides encouragement for you if you do.
It is about the LEARNING!  
Striving to improve.

But if you submit your most awesome shot ever 
and don't win...
do not despair!
We've all been there.
We've all been discouraged at times.
Instead, come back again, 
try again.
And remember, 
photography, like any art, IS subjective. 
Another judge will respond entirely differently to your style. 

Therefore, this blog is intended for the 
beginner or amateur photographer.
If you are not sure, just enter!
If your photos blow the competition out of the water,  
please contact me and offer to be a Guest Author instead. 
There's a place for everyone 
on the photographic journey.

Here are the Competition Guidelines:
Only one photo is permitted in your link for the competition.
This is to keep it simple for the judges so they don't 
have to wade through photos from other memes, etc.
For now, you may submit more than one photo for the competition, 
each photo needs its own separate link 
and cannot be combined with other photos.
The photo needs to be related to the monthly tutorial theme
or it will not be considered.  
There is no time frame in which the photo needs to be taken
Provide a link back or use our button on your site. 
The button code is in the sidebar.
Keep if family friendly.

Links start Monday, 3/19/12
and continue the 3rd Monday of each month.

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