Monday, March 26, 2012

Winners! The Sky in Landscape Photography

Before Michelle announces her choice,
 she wants you to know:
She does not consider herself a qualified judge. 
She selected images based on the following criteria:
"I’m going only on my instinct, photography experience, personal taste, and the adherence of the photos to the theme of the tutorial.  All of the entries are beautiful, so the selection was difficult, to say the least." 

If you submitted your most awesome shot ever 
and didn't win...
Do not despair!
We've all been there.
We've all been discouraged at times.
Instead, come back again, 
try again.
And remember, 
photography, like any art, IS subjective. 
Another judge will respond entirely differently to your style. 

First Place:
#14.  “All our sweetest hours fly fastest.”
This is a beautiful photograph, that follows all the rules, but in a “paint outside the lines” way.  The diagonals create interest, and the foreground mountains and mid-ground clouds are exciting and beautiful.  The parachute adds the touch of life that, in my opinion, takes this photo to the top.

2nd Place:

#10. Sunset Reflection at Marina Bay SandsSunset Reflection at Marina Bay Sands”

I chose this one for its beauty and uniqueness.  It follows ALL the RULES, but we see the setting sun NOT in the sky, but on the center building, and then again, reflected on the water.  Beautiful.

3rd Place:
#7.  “The Heart and Mind”

It’s just beautiful.  The sky, itself, is uninteresting, but its glowing light is illuminating the mountains in a spectacular way.  A gorgeous balanced image with tons of eye appeal.

Thanks to Michelle Alton for volunteering 
her time as author and judge this month.
Congratulations to the winners,
and thanks to everyone for participating.
We will have a new judge and topic for April 
so stay tuned!

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