Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Dinner at Our House

We enjoyed the company of 18 members of our family
for dinner on Easter Sunday.

One of the fun things about hosting is deciding
which of my 100's of plates to use.

Yes, you heard me correctly!
I love ironstone dishes,
there isn't one that I have met that I have not fallen in love with.

Owning a set of each would be a bit overwhelming,
so you could say I own a place setting of each...kind of.
Since many are discontinued I buy them
whenever I find them.

When we entertain,
I pick a color theme
and then select coordinating plates.

It is rather mix and match.
But if you have been around here much
you probably already know I am not "matchy-matchy."

This year the blues had their chance to shine.
I pulled it together by using blue glasses and yellow accents.
I think this theme is a keeper.


  1. Blue and white, blue and yellow and everything mix and match! I love these color combination!

  2. Totally agree about the mis-match appeal :)

  3. I'm a mix and match girl, too. You have given me a wonderful idea for next Easter. I love yellow and blue!

  4. I love your combination of the different patterns.

  5. I love it all mixed up and not matchy matchy
    The first post of yours I ever read was about a plate you had just found :)

  6. My daughter would love you -she saves blue and white nic-nacks! Lovely Rebeccca!

  7. I like your idea, lots of variety in the colors and patterns.

  8. I love dishes! I'm jealous of your 100's of plates. How fun.


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