Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time to Shear Sheep

At Peter Wentz Farmstead, 
there was quite a bit happening for Sheep Shearing Day. 

And I love this place... 
just the feel of it makes me happy. 

The Paper Maker

So despite being sick
for what seems like forever...
I visited the Farmstead.

And took lots of photos!

But I love this one...
the little lamb kept his sleepy eye on Mama
the whole time!

Mama had just been shorn!

Then I came home too exhausted to even look at the photos!


  1. What a sly rooster that is, and so gorgeous. These are great Rebecca; I also like the one with the newly-shorn mama and baby. That last shot is a pretty crazy pile o'sheep!

  2. STUNNNG! really! the cup, the green hat and that ROOSTER. wow

  3. Rebecca - I gotta agree with the other comments - the ROOSTER(!) - was really stunning. But, of course, they are all really great photos, and I love the story they tell too :)

  4. I'm not sure it's a rooster but even if it's just a hen (What? JUST a hen?) I like the peeking-out pose.

  5. I love all your photos, they always tell a story. I wish I had a chance to visit such farmstead, I'll not stop clicking too. To bad there's none here.

  6. Super examples (and I was trying to fit the last one in until I read your proviso!). The cup has to be my favourite.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  7. I agree with the others, great photos, but I just love that rooster!

  8. They are all good but the cup is my favourite I think. I know the feeling of having been sick for like forever... Me too ;) I had to resort to my archives.

  9. Love all these shots. I can also get the rule in my mind from your shots. I am sure you are always aware of it but from now on It will be part of my routine when appropriate.

  10. I like all of them and I have to disagree about the last one. I don't know what you wanted us to focus on but my eye naturally went to the upper left intersection: the hat. From there I followed the line of the shearer's right arm to the clippers and then noticed his left arm. You may not have intended to capture a shot that illustrated how difficult it is to shear a sheep, but you did. There's a technique to shearing a sheep without harming the animal. You've captured what beautifully and used the rule of 3rds to do so.

  11. Rebecca, you may have been feeling off colour but there's nothing off with your photos, they are as beautiful as ever. The rooster is terrific but my favourite is the little lamb keeping an eye on his mum.

  12. What a fun day that must have been. Picturesque stone farm buildings, little lambs, the shearing... Your photos turned out wonderfully.

  13. Rebecca, I love these photos. I think my favorite is of the paper maker and of course the little lamb with eye on mama.


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