Thursday, May 31, 2012

Island Beach State Park, NJ

Today was a beautiful day for the beach...
and Island Beach State Park in New Jersey
is just about 1 1/2 hrs. from my house. 

My husband and I took a little day trip there today.
That is the Barnegat Inlet behind him.


There was a lot going on...
but I will share more on THAT on Tuesday!

Today, after walking along the beach,
we rode bikes the full length of the park and back (19 mi)...
and saw THIS red fox!

She was looking for food, poor thing.
Looks like she has a litter of kits back in the den.

This park is a narrow strip of land between
the Atlantic Ocean and Barnegat Bay.
The park beaches are popular with sunbathers and fisherman.
NJ residents access fee is $6 per car,
but being from out-of-state
we had to pay $12.  :(


  1. oooh, a fox! What timing you have. Rattlesnakes, hawks, foxes. You are very quick with your camera! I know these guys don't wait around for multiple shots.

  2. Great examples, Rebecca. I like them all.

  3. Great job Rebecca. I liked this subject.

  4. I'm looking forward to visiting the beach next month, these are a great appetizer :-)

  5. I have missed your posts but you have participated by putting in an example each week. I like the man fishing and your husband seems quite good looking.

  6. That little fox looks really hungry. Hope she finds a good meal for her and her kits. I'm planning a shot trip to the Texas Gulf Coast next month so I'm hoping for some nice beach shots too. They will be my first!

  7. All great shots! The gull shot is quite good and I am impressed you caught him in mid-flight and still got the space in front of him! Same with the fox actually! The fishing shot is good too :)

  8. Great shots, Rebecca. I like them all but i think your husband and the fisherman stand out the most for me. Beach photos are always interesting.

  9. Oh, that poor fox, she has the space in front of her but looks too hungry (and hopeful) to move into it. A sad contrast to the beautiful bird in full flight who looks very sure about where it is headed. Beautiful shots, Rebecca.

  10. Perfect destination for a road trip. Love the photo of the fox!


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