Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Turkeys in April

In the USA we associate Turkeys with our fall Thanksgiving holiday. 
But really, the image of the turkey with the fanned tail 
is something you see in spring, 
during mating. 

The Tom (male) fans his feathers 
to attract the hen (female). 

These turkeys live in the wild at Pennypack Preserve 
in Huntingdon Valley, PA. 

I never noticed how colorful they were before, 
until I was able to get close to them. 
They even have blue on their heads!  

There is always something to see at the preserve.
Oh, and if you happen to see my lens hood on the ground somewhere,
pick it up for me!  :)

2955 Edge Hill Road
Huntingdon Valley, PA


JunieRose2005 said...

Your turkey pictures are fantastic!

Martha said...

Fabulous shots!
This is one of the places I need to put on my list of "places to go when Tara wants to go for a ride"!

I hope you are well!

Jim said...

You really did good with these pictures, Rebecca! :)
I had no idea what wild turkeys looked like until now. For ugly animals/fowls(i.e. birds) these guys look halfway good.
Happy MidWeek Blues!
BTW, sorry 'bout being absent for a couple of weeks. My catching up post will tell you where I've been.

Jim said...

Oops, looks like you were absent also as your April 17 MWBs post was the last for you as well as for me.

Kathy said...

And your post just showed up on my blog roll today - May 6th! Not the prettiest of birds but certainly the males are very colorful.