Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Winnie lives next door 
in an old farmhouse painted blue. 
And on the farmland surrounding the house 
a slice of suburbia has grown. 

Even though Winnie and I are as opposite as night from day -
  she makes a terrific neighbor.

When I stroll over for a chat,
I get lost in thought in her gardens.

One of the lovable things about Winnie
is her eccentricity
evident in her garden designs.

Those little nooks and crannies of the garden
filled with something unexpected
hold onto your attention.

Winnie is also an artist.
She works with clay -
making interesting sculptures of the human head.

These sculptures dot the garden as well.
It might freak some people out -
but once you know Winnie it just seems normal.
Really, it does.

Those little bumps on the head -
those are ideas sprouting.
They start on the inside and extend to the outside.
Winnie has lots of ideas sprouting in her head.

And that's why I am feeling blue.
Winnie is moving.

She is moving to a smaller place in Lambertville.
But Lambertville will be good to Winnie
since it is filled with lots of other artistic people
with ideas sprouting in their heads too.

My husband,
Mr. Straight-laced engineer type,
is going to miss Winnie too.
He even told her so.

Hopefully the new neighbors will have ideas too -
and not the kind that plow down the gardens replacing them with grass.
Those would be bad ideas.
Time will tell.


Wayne said...

I can see why you'd be blue, Winnie has a lot of cool things in her garden.

Kerry said...

I would be blue, too. I wonder if she will leave some of her sculptures behind so that you can visit? And for sure go visit the little town where she's moving.

Unknown said...

Winnie is definitely an artist! She has great skill in sculpting the human head. The last one is kind of macabre though.

Kathy said...

How sad that you'll lose such a wonderful and talented neighbor. I love those heads!

DawnTreader said...

Well I can see it might be hard for the new neighbours to "fill her place" ;) But maybe they'll be full of good ideas of other kind!

Jim said...

Rebecca, your neighbor lady, Winnie, sounds pretty neat.

I would love to live next door to an artist. There are a few in our subdivision but not close to us.

Close to us to the right is a nice lady who owns a boutique (lady's clothes). They have a ranch in Colorado and he goes there every summer. AND he doesn't play golf.

On the left is a lady not our age who wasn't very happy with us moving next door. She'd rather had the vacant lot I believe.

Jim said...
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Martha said...

I love Lambertville!
Winnie sounds awesome and I love her art!

Tito Eric said...

A lovely and enchanting garden.