Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gone Fishing


There is a saying...
A bad day spent fishing is a better day 
than a good day spent at work.  

Many times that saying is true. 
But not always...

If you look carefully,
you'll see evidence of someone who would rather have been at work.

With rescue helicopters over head...

and rescue boats in the inlet...

my  suspicions were confirmed.

Do you see it now?
Just below that channel marker in the above photo
is the top of a 38 foot fishing boat.

Other than the loss of the boat and gear,
all six people on board were safely rescued.
The accident happened after a heavy morning fog fell over the area.
The boat, named Southern Comfort, ran into the jetty that runs along the Barnegat Inlet in NJ.
I'm thinking someone was feeling pretty blue that day.
I hope he has good insurance.


  1. wonderful pics! your last name is very typical for my area :) may be your roots are here :)

  2. Wow, major bummer. I'm glad everyone was OK.

  3. that´s so funny, some of my photos are made near to welzheim :)

  4. A scary experience for those on board.

  5. Feel sorry for the people it happened too, but happy for you that you were able to capture the event. Great pics as always, Rebecca!

  6. Oh my goodness, glad everyone was ok. What an experience for them. Dianne sent me over to link up with your beautiful blog and party.. Thanks so much for hosting.
    hugs ~lynne~

  7. Wonderful pictures, Rebecca. Even though the boat wreck ones were sad.

    I think the guy in the top picture had the best time that day.

  8. BTW, there isn't a 'label' for this post. I linked it just your blog this time.

  9. Great shots!!!

    I forgot to link up... so here it is!My MWB

  10. Great shots but what an awful feeling that must have been.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  11. my uncle, a teacher went fishing everyday. My aunty complained everyday.
    The fish he caught are minnows, she would rather throw away.
    Why did uncle fish? to get away from Aunty.

  12. That was an expensive outing! Yes, I bet the owner would have been much happier at work.


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