Thursday, June 21, 2012

US Signage from World War 2

Each year in Reading Pa
there is a huge World War II Show.

The history is fascinating,
and the environment pretty realistic. 

I have attended a couple times with the boys.
It offers great photo ops.


My favorite is below...
I don't think they read German. 

"Attention Mines"

From the Reading Mid-Atlantic Air Museum reenactment.


Unknown said...

Gotta use what is available gal. Pretty good idea.

Jama said...

I take it no one was harmed in the last picture...funny shot!

Kathy said...

I feel really stupid. I don't read German and don't have a clue what the sign says!

Pauline said...

That last shot is hilarious. Maybe they thought if there were Jap snipers around they would be safe from Germans. Too funny.
Hey, Rebecca, the link for FSO Spotlight doesn't work. I get: "Invitation no longer valid. The invite link you tried has already been used. Please ask the Blog administrator to send you another invite." Can you resend, please. Cheers.

Bagman and Butler said...

Achtung minen -- Isn't that German for "Weightwatchers Meeting at Seven?"

Barb said...

What creative use of this week's them :)