Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Winnie's Art

A couple week's ago 
I gave a photo tour of Winnie's Garden
This week, 
it is all about Winnie's Art. 

Winnie in her studio.

I love these figures she makes,
especially the hands:
They evoke such emotion.

A series depicting human boundaries.

After spending time photographing these pieces,
my mind was wild with ideas.

Especially for the new series
she is working on in her studio on masks.
But I don't think she needs my ideas!

I sure am going to miss Winnie
when she moves
since there is always something interesting
to contemplate over there.



  1. Winnie is very talented. It is sad when a neighbor who is also a friend moves away!
    Not sure why my picture wasn't working with the linky this week!!!

    My MWB

  2. She is so sharp in her observations about people! And her skill!!! Thank you for sharing Winnie's art with us! I really enjoyed this:)

  3. Does Winnie sell her pieces any where? They are just so compelling.


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