Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boat House Row, Philadelphia, PA

If you have seen any tourist photos of Philadelphia, 
then likely you have seen photos of Boat House Row situated along the Schuykill River. 
Boat House Row is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 
You can read about the history here.

Today, Boat House Row serves the sport of Rowing.  
The houses along the river were built and used by various rowing clubs. 
On a summer weekend you'll like be able to see a regatta 
taking place on the Schuykill. 

Traditionally, the houses are decorated with white lights.
But one night, on my way home from taking city photos at night, 
I noticed Boat House Row decked out in blue lights. 
Of course, a U Turn was in order to get some more photos!

No matter the color, Boat House Row is always a welcome sight when traveling home.


DawnTreader said...

Beautiful reflection photos. I like the clouds in the first one.

Anonymous said...

Oh such cool shots!!!

Kathy said...

Such a picturesque scene. Love the processing on the first shot. It looks like it may have been taken in fall or winter since the trees are bare of leaves. But it's still my favorite of the group!

NCSue said...

Wow. I was born and raised just outside of Philly and never saw this place. When I return to visit family again, I'll have to try to go there - neat place, and great photos!

Wayne said...

I love the blue lights, nice catch, I've never seen them in blue!

joanne said...

If that isn't the most picturesque spot, I don't know what is! Incredible photos, espec. the 2nd and 3rd....the first pic looks painted!

Julie said...

Rebecca, are you travelling to Sydney in the near future? Otherwise, how goes your interest in our Sydney ferries?

Jim said...

So very pretty, Rebecca. I wonder why they changed to blue? Perhaps for you blog?

As I a tourist I remember the LIBERTY BELL and then a row of row houses resurected in the down town area.

After the Army I started working with Philco Tech Rep Field Engineering out of Philadelphia and stayed with the company for seventeen years.

Austine Etcheverry said...

I love your blue, it is amazing.

Unknown said...

Missed this week, because I was in Utah, but these pics of Boat House Row are absolutely beautiful!