Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright

Yesterday was one of those days. 
You know them, 
when everything seems wrong and nothing seems right. 

I could tell you all about those things that upset me.
But really, when I put things in perspective.
I am very blessed.

So yesterday, I went in search of something to cheer me.
And these little birdies did the trick.

'Mommy, I don't like that kind of bug!' 

These are barn swallows and they nest in colonies.
There were about a dozen nests here
so there was plenty of action to observe.

"When's dinner? We're hungry."

"Don't mess with my babies lady." 

And after watching the birds for a while,
I went to Cardinal Camera in Lansdale, PA and bought a couple of filters.
While I was there,
they let me play with the Canon 5D Mark III
and a sweet lens.

It was wonderful!
Like heaven in my hands.
Too bad I couldn't bring it all home with me.


joanne said...

as I rarely get into barns, I've never seen these birds....I love their colors and little rubber lips....great shots....

Kerry said...

Oh these are so precious. That shot of just the mouths! Love it.

Jim said...

Like your bird pictures, Rebecca. You got some really nice ones of them.

Shopping is said to be good therapy ladies who are down a bit. It helps to buy something so I am glad you found the filters.

Like you, I'd like to update my camera. My little Sony has problems with its four-way circular switch like the other one did. It only has taken about 8,000 plus or minus pictures. Not nearly even half of the times I take pictures do I use this switch.

So I hold it in position with Scotch tape. And drool over a new SLR camera.

Happy MidWeek Blues,

Kathy said...

Sweet photos can certainly overcome a crappy day. You hit the jackpot!

Anonymous said...

Making eye contact with my camera's viewfinder is always the key to getting my world back into its proper perspective. I am sorry for your crappy day but the good Lord always has a plan for good, even in the darkest times....like capturing these birds for you to share. You are a truly remarkable photographer with an eye that is unique and pure. These are a beautiful reminder of how we are all blessed. Hope today goes better...but if not...grab that camera...and run!!!

forgetmenot said...

Wonderful photos of the birds. What fun to watch them grow and change. Hope all is better now. Mickie :)