Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Discovering Portland ME

Traveling up the eastern seaboard
Portland Maine is worth a stop.


Built in 1858 the ruins of the Goddard Mansion remain
near the Port Elizabeth Head.

Watching both artists and ships is a quite popular way of relaxing along the shores.

Painting their vessel.

This railroad bridge swivels to make way for boats.

Lots of tee shirts for fisherman!

And, of course, 'lob-stah'
as the locals pronounce it.


Kerry said...

ooooooh, that lobstah. I would love to eat that!

Jim said...

Ooh, I like your Portland, Me, pictures. I have been there a couple of times, it is a very pretty town.

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Dianne said...

the t-shirt is wonderful

love all the shots especially the one of the artist

Kathy said...

What a great place for a vacation. I'd love to go someday. Just checked my driving distance calculator and it's only 1,812 miles from my home!

Unknown said...

Love sea scapes. Ah, and there he is. the painter with the umbrella:) Lobster, yum! Hope you had a great vacation!

joanne said...

No wonder those wonderful photos looked familiar...I live just down the coast in northern Mass!

Austine Etcheverry said...

Love your blue