Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lake Nockamixon

In search of fall color.

I thought I would find it if I went north.

But there was very little color left to the north.

There were patches here and there.

But mostly bare trees.

There is more color outside my window than on my trek north.

I guess fall is ahead of me this year. 


  1. You live in a pretty area, Rebecca. The first picture, I could stop there. I don't even sail but I would love to be out sailing here!

    Happy MidWeek Blues,

  2. i will have to get on this sometime, give me a heads up early.Great bird shots!

  3. Mrs. Robinson is VERY happy to be back among the living. It was a long 2 weeks. Those last shots filled with golden fall leaves and blue waters are dreamy. What a lovely place to go with your camera. genie

  4. I found more color here too Rebecca
    I drove around the neighborhood yesterday and found some beautiful trees

    love your shots
    especially the birds


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