Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Aftermath

Post Sandy...
The power is back...hooray!

 This tree is from my neighbor's yard...

...and plunk, it fell into our yard. 

But I am among the lucky ones...
most of the community is still without power
and there is no school for a third day.

This tree fell from another neighbor's yard...

and thump, this one fell into our yard too.

 Despite having a lot of yard clean up, 
we sustained very little damage.
W only got a little chilly, 
and cooked meals on the gas grill before electric was restored.

Another neighbor's tree across our yard. 

When one of the trees fell, 
my son was lounging on the couch.
 The tree fell right outside the window beside him and gave him quite a scare. 
Thankfully, it didn't hit the house or him.


  1. It's good to see you're okay, apart from some fallen trees . Thank God that tree did not hit your house or your son!

  2. So pleased to hear that you and your family are safe - we have been watching the trail of Sandy on the news over here in the UK - it must have been terrifying - Jane

  3. You are more then lucky girl. Your blessed your alive.

    Those are not little plunk,plunks. They are powerful that have fallen on your property..

  4. I was wondering how others in Southeastern PA were managing. Here, in Audubon, PA we got through the storm with relatively little damage, with only power out and phones line down for 24 hours. Even Pawlings Rd., which always floods by the Schuylkill River, was passable. So glad you are safe and back with power.


  5. Glad the trees didn't hit the house!

  6. Thank goodness you and your family are okay.

  7. Oh gosh I'm glad you are ok. We were in Alabama when hurricane Opal came ashore, and a tree fell on our daughter's bedroom in the night. Luckily we had decided to spend the night in the basement.

    If you have a fireplace you won't need to worry about wood for a few years!

  8. Glad to see you made it thru "relatively" unscathed. Same here for us. Lost power for just a bit under 24 hours...which I consider a HUGE blessing as so many still are without and will be for a long time.

  9. Nice to see you are safe, sad to lose trees however

  10. I feel so sad when I see so many trees have fallen!

  11. Oh my I didn't realize you were in Sandy's path. It really is beyond comprehension at the damage that she caused. Glad you are safe.


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