Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Under the Hood

Years ago my daughter and her roommate came home from college one weekend, 
and there was some concern about the oil level in the roommate's car. 

So my husband popped the hood 
and my daughter exclaimed, 
"Wow, look at all that stuff in there."

I thought my husband would just die. 

While I don't know what most of that stuff is, 
especially in newer cars, 
I can identify an air filter, the oil stick, the engine coolant 
and a few other basic things. 

 When we had our first baby -
the one that was impressed with 
all that stuff under the hood - 
we bought my favorite car. 

 It was a Nissan Maxima - a stick-shift of all things! 
But I loved that car because
it would talk to me, 
"The door is ajar."
"The lights are on." 
Would you like a spot of tea? 

At some point, 
the solenoid in the Maxima was going bad 
and for whatever reason we didn't have it fixed right away. 

 Occasionally, the car wouldn't start 
because something-or-other was on the dead part of the solenoid. 

I would pop the hood and hop out of the car,
tap the solenoid with my key, 
close the hood, hop back in and start the car. 
Easy as pie after my husband showed me how. 

 I cannot tell you how many men's jaws would drop when I did that. 
It gave me such a feeling of power! 
I kind of liked not having the car fixed. 
It was like a game. 

Oh those silly boys...
did they really have no idea how to tap a solenoid? 


Wayne said...

I used to like working on cars, but the new ones are too complex. I just do oil changes these days and an occasional brake job.

The blue Foose wheels are cool. Chip is an amazing guy.

Jim said...

I like your car show pictures, Rebecca. Yes, I can tap a solenoid. I can change one out too.

You have a blue boys post this week, my girl/lady was blue but not in color.

Kathy said...

Fun post. I also had a Maxima. But it didn't talk to me. Thank Heavens!

Anonymous said...

Great story!!! Love the vintage cars...I used to go to the annual car show in Pigeon Forge...it was wonderful.

lorik said...

I am not a car person but i most definitely love your car pictures. My favourites are the first one and the two closeups of the headlights. What lovely shapes and patterns- and of course, blue colour.

EG CameraGirl said...

This was such a fun read, Rebecca! Your power made me smile. :))

Austine Etcheverry said...

I love old cars. The beauty of their body, the strong lines and the color that pops. They have parts that you can't find anymore and a beauty that only an older car can hold. Love the photos.