Monday, November 26, 2012

Blogger Blues

I am sorry Midweek Blues did not appear last week. 
Things are getting hectic around here. 
The holidays...
A Christmas Eve wedding for my daughter....
A military wedding no less....
still waiting for confirmed leave approval.

The invitations waiting to be sent... 
or should we just send them without approval? 
The risk of having to postpone...

Whether or not to ship a car...
drive a car...
can the car make it to San Diego from PA?

Military red tape for weddings...
you know, they aren't married until all the tape is gone through 
so he can't live off base with her until done...
but he needs to be on the lease for the military waiver. 

Now she might be flying to San Diego to get married this week 
to speed up the red tape process 
and take care of the issue of having to get the license in PA
 the morning of the wedding since he can't get here before the weekend.
Oh heavens...

Really, the military does not care about the mother-of-the-bride. 

So in order to keep my sanity 
I need to take a blogging sabbatical. 
At least until the wedding is on, postponed or completed. 
We'll see where 2013 finds us.  
I'm sure I'll be by the crackling fire with a glass of wine regardless of what happens. 
I'll be able to laugh about it then. Hopefully.

I'll post this week's linky, 
visit those you can. 
I will try to visit 
but forgive me if I can't
This will be Midweek Blues last post. 
I've decided this is the right time to retire Midweek Blues. 
I'd like to thank Jim and Diane, 
who have been long time, encouraging and faithful participants. 
I am glad to have them as blogger friends and will definitely be hopping by 
when life settles down. 
Thanks to everyone else who has also been part of the meme.


Wayne said...

Good luck! As one of my colleagues (ex-military) tells me 'hurry up and wait'.

Your photos are beautiful! I will miss mid-week blues, it's a fun meme.


Anonymous said...

Being a now 'retired' Army wife...I so get what you are talking about!!! Sorry to hear that you are closing down Midweek blues...I have been thinking of starting a weekly link up but can't decide what I want to 'focus' on.

Anonymous said...
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Kathy said...

I'll miss visiting Midweek Blues but life goes on and changes are part of life. Good luck with the wedding plans. It sounds like there is at least a plan B in effect! Good idea. Hope to see you and your inspiring photography back soon. We'll be waiting!

Tina´s PicStory said...

greetings from germany! :)

Unknown said...

Oh, that is a lot of stress! But the most important thing is that they're getting married...! Are you sure you wanna give up Midweek Blues? You could start back up in January- (more memes have taken a leave of absence for a few weeks)...take care!

Dianne said...

this is the first time I've posted to MWB in weeks
Sandy destroyed so many of the places I go to take photos and I've been so sad about that

this wedding stress is amazing!!
do you know your local Congress person? they can be helful with the military

I hope to see you and your wonderful photos soon


Jim said...

Thank you, Rebecca, for hosting this wonderful meme. You will be missed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays by all of us.

I keep hoping someone will volunteer to keep it going. I suppose at one time we will run out of blue things to snap.

The wedding, though having hectic preparations, will be a fun thing. I have never been to a military wedding. Quite a few military funeral though.

One of my daughters jot married by a JP a couple of weeks before the formal wedding. No one knows except them and us. Not even her biological mother. It all worked out good.

My ex and I eloped and were married in a church in a state with lower age limits. Like most kids today, she had a fake ID. She fooled me for a while but that was before we got married.

Anyway that all worked out too. Except the marriage only lasted 13 years.

I will check in here and please you check on me also. If I ever get back to PA you can point me to good sight seeing and photo ops.

Best wishes, ((((HUGS)))), and thank you again.

DawnTreader said...

Wow, good luck to you with everything, I hope all goes according to plan - both for the couple and for the mother of the bride :)

Dianne said...

thinking about you, hoping things are working out