Friday, January 18, 2013

A Magical Wonderland

The dropping temps today are a cruel reminder
that we are in the midst of winter.  

But at Byers' Choice in Chalfont, PA
you can stay warm while taking winter photos. 

Byers' Choice is a local company that hand-makes Christmas Carolers....
finally something not made in China.  :)

You can visit year round and stroll through their museum of 
thousands of carolers frolicking in their make-believe villages.  
Or you can watch them being made from an observation deck....
no photos allowed there though. 

I prefer to visit after Christmas to avoid the crowds. 

It really is a magical little place...and cozy warm too. 
It makes me want a magical wonderland of my own. 
But, I guess that is the point 
since the tour ends with the gift shop. 


  1. Interesting figurines having fun in the snow.

  2. I commented on your other blog and this post just answered my question. I love these carolers. So unique and I love cozy little Christmas stores.

  3. This looks like a great p;ace to explore this time of year.

  4. That is a wonderful way to spend time away from the cold and snow. Thank you for sharing and for visiting pret-a-vivre.

  5. How fun that you got to visit where they were made. (My late MIL collected these and passed a few on to us.) The children playing in the snow are very cute, especially with your snowy overlay.

  6. I'm trying to stay warm in just the rain in AZ. I sure don't miss the snow. But your photos are very pretty and it sounds like a fun place to visit.

  7. Great captures Rebecca! I like the expression they put on the faces! Thanks for visiting me:) Are you recuperating from the wedding?


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