Monday, January 28, 2013

When Two Worlds Collide

Love #1 doesn't usually tag along when I go out with Love #2. 
But for some reason Love #1 decided to tag along 
with Love #2 this past weekend. 

As much as I love #1, and I really do, 
this usually isn't a good mix.  
Husband (Love #1)+Photography (Love #2)=Frustration 

Love #1 is like the energizer bunny.  
Going, going, going. 
He never stops....seriously, never. 
Did you ever see a great photo from the energizer bunny?
 No, because good photos take time.

Love #1 is usually wandering ahead 
while I compose a shot with Love #2.
Above, I waited until he stepped into the doorway of this shot.
Love #1 always walks into the shot. Always.

Love #1 gets bored and is ready to leave 
when I am just getting started with Love #2.

I dare not complain though.
Love #1 fully supports Love #2.
He even gives gifts for Love #2.
Now that is saying somethin',
don'cha think?

Wink, wink.

Somehow we both managed to balance the two loves on Saturday
and left happily-ever-after.
Now that's a first.

Historic Mt. Holly, New Jersey.


Kmcblackburn said...

I feel your Better Half ALWAYS walks into my photos too. So how cold was it in Mt. Holly, NJ? :)

Dianne said...

these are all wonderful shots!!

love the nothing happened on this date sign
and the dog
and the weathered building is magnificent

your 2 loves suit you perfectly :)

Kathy said...

A sweet little story with nice illustrations!

Carletta said...

As always Rebecca - wonderful shots!
Love the peeling paint and the turret on the old building and the eyelash on the car.
May you and your two loves always live happily-ever-after. :)

So glad you stopped by.

~JarieLyn~ said...

Yes, I can relate to the frustration of both loves. It happens to us when we are on road trips. Great photos and I especially love the one of the German Shepherd.

Anonymous said...

I love everything about this post!!! I can so relate!!! Plus the photos that you took the time to capture are so incredible!! Just a perfect post all the way inspiring.

Out on the prairie said...

A fun walk through the town

jabblog said...

Delightful - you complement each other perfectly.

Jeannette StG said...

Haha, you think you got problems! It's worse when you have one painter and the other not! Because my plein air paintings take at least a few hours:)
Our solution is that the other goes on a walk or hike while I paint.
Now if he photographs, I tell him where he needs to look for me when he's done. It has worked till now:)

Karen Lakis said...

This made me laugh - and read it aloud to my Love # 1. He chuckled, too. But oh, do I feel your frustration!

Karen Lakis said...

Oops - oh yeah, I meant to comment on how nice the shots are - they're all really great and illustrate the story well.

EG CameraGirl said...

It's impossible to always be in sync with another person, I think. My Love#1 also walks into many photos so your description made me laugh. These are wonderful photos and make me want to visit this place too.

Kerri Farley said...

Excellent captures!