Friday, February 22, 2013

Cycling Through Life

Twenty some years ago 
we moved into our current house with two little girls. 

Several years ago 
a new couple moved into a house down the street 
and now they have two little girls also. 

Watching their family grow 
brings back sweet memories. 

Memories of when we were young 
and running behind bicycles too. 

 Am I that old? 
Let's see, the next bicycles I run behind 
will likely belong to the grandkids of my future! 

 I don't feel that old. 
But then I'm not running behind a bike either. 

 I snapped these photos while my little neighbor was learning to ride her bike. 
I think it is time to get them on a CD and deliver them to her Mom and Dad...
before they have grandkids!

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  1. These are precious. The little girl is so proud and so is her dad. These photos bring back such great memories. Her parents will be so appreciative. Great post.

  2. How adorable. I'm sure her parents will be thrilled to get the CD, especially if it's a surprise.

  3. That would be a a kind and sweet gesture!

  4. Great series of photos! I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

  5. So sweet!!! We should teach our 5 year old son to ride a bike without training wheels...well..we'll have to wait that our snow has melted! :D

  6. Fun shots, and it did bring back memories with my two girls.

  7. Aw...I actually did that about 10 years ago with my first 2 kids, now teens. Then we adopted twins who are now 5 and running behind bikes will be in my future again...this spring! I can't wait! Great shots that I am sure her parents will adore.

  8. Precious moments .... the Dad looks as excited as his little girl.

  9. Sweet memories are so precious. My little grand babies are coming - they will be here in a week and I am excited.

  10. yes, Grand kids are the most fun. great memories to have.

  11. Wonderful thoughts of those special memories! I, too, and looking forward to having grandchildren in my future and wondering how I will run behind those bicycles! A nice gesture to send the photos to the young father. These days will pass quickly by and he will appreciate the memories. xx

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  13. Awww. This was sweet. I don't feel old either, even though it was a long time ago when I was running behind a bike. The daddy in this pic is going to love getting these!

  14. Ver sweet- I'm sure they would treasure these photos.

  15. These are precious, and sure bring memories of teaching my daughters to ride their bikes. I just finished teaching my youngest to drive a couple of months ago. Time does fly. \:-{

  16. Love Dad's proud and gentle smile watching the little one! Gorgeous photos!

  17. I'm sure they will adore them! Wonderful captures!!

  18. You're still a young whippersnapper in my eyes! Yes, you should definitely share these photos with your neighbors!

  19. The little girl's parents will love having those photos. Dad looks so happy and proud and you can see how much the little girl is loving her new found skill. A beautiful series, Rebecca.

  20. You should give them copies of the photos, they are so beautifully taken.


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