Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mather Mill

I was on a quest to locate the oldest local building still standing. 

I thought I had found it...
A mill built in 1690. 

But it seems, 
the mill was rebuilt in 1820. 


I asked a local historian 
who did not know...

So, I am just going with this old mill. 

The land on which it stands 
was purchased by a British army officer from William Penn. 
The officer's son, Edward Farmar, built the first mill on the site.

The second mill was built by Joseph Mather. 
Today, the mill is in disrepair 
and is structurally unsound. 

So I'll show it some love here.
Rurality Blog Hop #3


  1. If I recall, it's open during the Spring and Summer on weekends. The wall behind the saw was in pretty bad shape the last time I was there :-(

  2. I'm always amazed by your talent! You're one of my heroes.

    By the way, what did the mill mill?

  3. Lovely shots.I passed a place in Austria that had a restruant on location since 950.

  4. Wow, such a gorgeous building!

  5. Rebecca, I love the creativity of the first shot and the way the brooding sky fits the fourth. Your mill had been re-built before there was any European settlement at all where I live. It's a beautiful building!

  6. Super shots, Rebecca. I wish I had taken individual shots of my building, but I wanted to show it in it's entirety. I still have a long way to go to be able to put your great examples to work. Love the windows through the trees.Thanks

  7. Quite a lot of history in this building - beautiful photos and what's great find!

  8. A beautiful building and site. I love old buildings and the history they represent. Thanks for sharing this treasure with us!

  9. Wonderful photos, Rebecca! I searched for mills in my area a couple of years ago and have to say your mills are in better condition than the ones I found. But maybe I need to try a little harder as the subject intrigues me.

  10. Wow- I would love to see this in person- gorgeous photos!

  11. A beautiful old building. Love the mill stone, too.

  12. Thank you for joining in 'Rurality Blog Hop #3' Hope to see you next Wednesday for #4...


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