Sunday, February 3, 2013

Peasant or Princess?

Every time I read something about life in medieval times,
I dread to think what my role would have been had I lived during that period.
(I just happened to finish reading about Catherine the Great)

An Original Illuminated Manuscript

Whether a peasant or a princess...
life was not a bowl of cherries.
While a peasant's life was difficult to say the least,
the life of a princess was to {hopefully} marry off for some gain for a kingdom somewhere...
and then spend the rest of your life trying not to lose your head for one reason or another. 

An Original Illuminated Manuscript

Perhaps the best place in society was a skilled merchant. 
But, in most cases, that would have required being a male. 

Modern Day Manuscript Illumination Artist

 I might have enjoyed the work of a Manuscript Illumination Artist.
I love the fine details and rich colors accented with gold or silver.
It is just
Sadly, a male monk is not so me.

Modern Day Manuscript Illumination Artist 

So let's just say,
that despite all of our modern day faults,
I am pretty thankful to live during our current times.
 However, I still had a pang of jealousy
watching this artist at her craft.
So gorgeous.

Glencairn Medieval Festival 
Huntingdon Valley, PA
February 3, 2013

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Kathy said...

I'm always so ever pleased to have a modern day bathroom and know that they are available no matter where I go!