Monday, March 18, 2013

Whitewater on the Tohickon Creek 2013

Oh where, oh where is spring? 


After all, there was a spring dam release 
into the Tohickon Creek this past weekend.

Instead of spring like weather,
it was about 30 degrees with snow flurries.

And these crazy paddlers were in the cold water!

Some even had bare hands.

How they kept a grip on the paddle is beyond me!

Only my toes got wet
and I was sure I had frost bite!

My husband says I am crazy for sitting on the rocks
for 4 hrs. taking photos.

Clearly...he has not yet met crazy.

Compared to these people...
I am perfectly sane.

Photo of me on the rocks by David Dami Photography

My full gallery of photos is here:
I took over 1200 but only kept 309 shots!  :) 


  1. Getting cold while looking at these. Great shots nonetheless!

  2. Wow - what a fun adventure!! Thanks for linking with us!

  3. Whoa! Those photo capture are definitely out of this world. How did you get those? I AM IMPRESSED!

  4. I missed it AGAIN. Did you get a new lens?? Awesome shots!!

  5. I agree you are totally sane. Kayaking in that near-freezing water is crazy! :)

  6. I'm sure my thin Texas/Arizona blood would not allow me to sit for more than 30 minutes in that weather! Of course, I wouldn't have gotten those great photos, either, now, would I?

  7. Totally worth the time on the rocks, these are some fabulous pictures. And you could never tell the people paddling were cold, they look like they're having a blast!

  8. Clearly, you are the sane one! Great photos, though! xx

  9. LOL, I'm sure it was plenty cold sitting on the rock, but you'd have to been insane (or a very determined kayaker) to go into that cold water. Great pictures!

  10. Great shots and yes those people are crazy. You've got nothing on them as far as crazy goes. Not only does it look cold but it looks scary too.

  11. You took some amazing photos! That water must have felt like ice water! Love the photo of YOU...what a nice smile! I love your cute is that!

  12. Oh my goodness! I would have to agree with your hubby. I can see being there for an hour or so, but three perched on a rock in 30 degrees? Wowzers. The shots were terrific, though!

  13. Brrrr! Great shots though. We river raft on the American river here near Sacramento, CA but only in the summer when it's refreshing ;0) Great shot of you with your camera on the rocks too.

  14. You were surely rewarded for your efforts with these wonderful photographs...I can say one thing these are brave souls......

  15. What a darling photo of you... very friendly smile! Following you now... xox

  16. you are NOT crazy, these are fantastic, I feel like i am there and might get wet from the splashes.

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