Friday, April 12, 2013

PH is for Philadelphia

You know you are from the Philadelphia region
when all things F become PH. 

Philly Phlowers 
Chestnut Hill, Philadephia, PA 

Ben Phranklin Bridge
Penn's Landing, Philadelphia, PA

Phord Ghetto Cruiser
Broad Street, Center City, Philadelphia

Photographer Phriend
Cherry St, Lenfest Plaza, Philadelphia, PA

13 Star Phlag
Cherry Street, Center City, Philadelphia, PA 

Well, you get the idea.
What letter does your town begin with?


  1. Ooooh nooooo... that Ford is losing it's 'O'. LOL Poor thing. Love the photos today! xox

  2. This is great, very clever. I like that shot of Ben!!

  3. You are so clever with your titles and photos - just love them. I'd like to visit Philadelphia; some of my ancestors lived there.

  4. Mine begins w/an 'S.'

    LOL at the Ford and I love the bridge!

  5. Big smile at the word(spelling)play

  6. What a cute idea and what a good job you did with your PH...I love the one of your friend laying on the sidewalk taking a picture....That's a dedicated photographer...Mine city begins with W...Winston Salem..I think I might have more problems than you did....

    Have a great weekend....

  7. Clever and great shots. my favorite will surprise you - but is the phord ghetto ... I think that a really nice photo.
    hugs from Houston. Oh I could have used hugs.
    shoot. lost . opportunity.

  8. I guess I never looked at the city in such a phun way.I loved it, lots of energy in the PH idea.

  9. Love the Ford Ghetto vehicle. Kudos to your friend for getting the ground level shot.

  10. Love that shot of your photographer and that night scene.

  11. Filly is one of my phavorite cities to visit. I love the perspective of the bridge foto.

  12. Wow how creative. As I always say what a wonderful teacher you are. Love the photographer shot.

  13. these are all amazing, somehow i have never found this blog, just followed your other one. hubby is from Perkasie which is about 40 miles north of Philly. he puts Philly on everything in PA and Philly cheese stake is his favorite sandwich/sub. that bridge shot is totally awesome. we start with a B for Bradenton

  14. Great Pictures & story! The Ford with the hanging "O" looks so nostalgic, and I love the Picture of your frirnd taking the Photo!

  15. Is there no limit to your creativity, Rebecca, even words can't escape you. Clever ph ing! Love your photographer phriend! Were you down just as low to get that shot?

  16. I feel tempted to touch the letter O in that FORD and chances are it will drop off.


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