Saturday, June 1, 2013

Remember When?

Remember when you needed two keys for your car?

Remember when you had to push or pull each lock individually?

Remember when the car dash had analogue clocks?

Remember when you had to insert the key into the doorlock? 

Remember when you whitened your whitewalls? 

Remember when you opened the window to adjust your side view mirror?

Those were the days.... 
Conshohocken Car Show 2013 


  1. 'sings' . . . Ah, yes, I remember it well!

    Beautifully preserved cars - it must take hours every week - or even day - to keep them in pristine condition.

  2. Great shots. Ah the good of days before all this technology.

  3. Great car shots!! Beautiful cars...they almost look like works of art

  4. i remember all of this and that dashboard just might be from my first car which was a 56 chevy.. my clicker stopped working on my Saturn Vue and I can hardly survive without it, putting the key in the lock drive me crazy. but once i open the driver door i can flip all the locks at one time..

  5. ooooooooh, old cars. I remember those door locks. They should bring those back. Great photos, Rebecca!

  6. My car has a keypad by the drivers door and between that and fob, I think I have used a key to open just a few times. Remember asking the passenger to move the mirror?

  7. Rebecca, I remember all of these things. but I am not yet vintage.... I swear. Actually I never used a two key start have just ridden in a car that did... we had a BelAir when I was young same color as this one. great memory invoking photos.

  8. Wow! I do remember all that and how quickly we I love car shows.


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