Monday, June 10, 2013

Robin's Egg Blue

The view from my bedroom window. 

 First there was one. 

Soon there were two. 

I'm hoping for three.  

I kind of created a bird blind out of my window 
so I can watch and photograph the progress. 

I have to climb high and lean far to see this. 
The other option is to climb on the roof. 
I think I will stick with the window.  

Good thing the window is behind a tree or 
what would my neighbors think? 


  1. these photos are AMAZING... she almost doesn't fit in that nest... what fun to have her right out your window. i vote stay off the roof... i am going back to look again...

  2. Beautiful pics! What a view!

  3. Yep, I would stay with the window! :) You have a super view of the egg in the nest!

  4. Oh my goodness - what a wonderful sight to be seen!

  5. Wow- you've got a great seat for viewing!

  6. Wow....about all I can say...just, wow!!!

    What a gorgeous view and such a treat for bird watching.

  7. Photographers must risk looking a little psychotic in order to get that perfect photograph - it's just a fact of photography. The bird, its nest, and its eggs are quite the scene to risk it for. Hope you have a wonderful week & blessings to you!

    Allie @ Framed by God

  8. It will be fun to watch them hatch and fledge

  9. What a wonderful thing to observe, you have a great vantage point. Stick to the window the roof sounds a little risky.

  10. My neighbors are accustomed to my strange behaviors with my camera. Nice to see dad keeping the eggs warm while mom gets a break.

  11. Now I know what robins egg blue looks like. Absolutely amazing!

  12. Gorgeous photos. Somehow I always imagined robin's egg blue would be pale blue but that blue is so rich and strong.


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