Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Do You Believe... miracles?

When the Doctor Called Part 2

Tonsil stone analyzed: lymphoma cells.
PET scan: lymphoma stage 3
Bone marrow biopsy: ruled out stage 4 
Blood work: elevated LDH 
Chemo port put in his chest: chemo delayed 


Lymph node aspiration and biopsy: no cancer cells

A miracle?
I believe.  Do you?

Another PET scan in a couple weeks will tell for sure. 
Still praying.
Thanks to all of you 
for your kind words and prayers. 


  1. thank you Lord...I will pray now..

  2. Oh my goodness! What great news. Talkin' about a roller coaster...

  3. Yes. I do believe. Miracles are possible everyday. That is such wonderful news Rebecca. I will keep praying.

  4. This is wonderful news! Keep the good karma flowing!

  5. I absolutely do believe in miracles and so glad you are in the middle of one...I will pray for your next visit to confirm what you now believe....

  6. Just catching up with your blog. Oh my gosh, I will be praying that all tests come back normal.

  7. Oh my, Becky....I haven't been around here in blogging for a little while, to visit! I'm so sorry for you all. What a crazy ride/scare this is/was. I will keep you all in my prayers {and you know me, I think, Faith becomes's in my blood, regardless of what life throws at us, God will always make a way} Love to you.

  8. Rebecca, I believe in miracles and I believe in healing, for one of the Hebrew names of God is He who Heals.
    Sorry you have to go through this. I pray that this will strengthen your faith that it is not only the cross (His love), but also His resurrection (His power). Just heard that yesterday on Sid Roth's TV program "Supernatural."
    Thank you for being so bold to share this with us!!

  9. I sincerely hope you and your family will continue to get good news. I know you've been on pins and needles and this is indeed a ray of hope and sunshine.

  10. I definitely believe! I haven't stopped praying.


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