Friday, July 19, 2013

It is Wicked Hot Outside


It is so hot I was surprised to find anyone at the new skate park in Philadelphia. 


But I guess wicked hot or not -
if your skate board calls
you answer.


Kind of like, when the camera calls
the crazy photographers
go shoot,
wicked hot or not.


Just sitting on the cement edge
made me feel like I was baking.


Is there anything that would draw you outside when
temps reach 100 degrees with humidity at 71%?

Paine's Skate Park, Philadelphia, PA


Anonymous said...

Quite gutsy for skate boarders and photographers to be out in this weather... thought I would melt just driving to the grocery store today in an A/C blasting SUV. Soooo hot.

~JarieLyn~ said...

Great images, Rebecca. I love the first photo. did you do HDR or is it a regular photo? Whatever it is, it's awesome.

Lady of the Manor said...

Your photos are so cool....considering the heat! Great job!

MadSnapper said...

super shots, all of these, and no there is nothing in this world that would take me out in 100 degrees with my camera.

Nancy said...

Great shots...I don't think kids feel the heat the same way we do....

Anonymous said...

that almost all the time here in florida! great shots by the way and nice color pop o the board!

James said...

This brings back childhood memories. I used to go to skate parks all the time back in the 70's regardless of how hot it was. So no surprise here. :-)

Wayne said...

I like the SC in the first shot :-) Nice photos from the new park.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Those are awesome shots!! said...

That are great pictures and I love the concentration on the faces! But in that heat....! One has to be young to do those kind of acrobatics!

Kathy said...

Only 71 percent? Girl, you don't know what wicked hot is! 98 and 98 is devilishly hot!