Thursday, July 11, 2013



A few years ago 
summer came and went in the blink of an eye. 


When the leaves started falling that year
I regretted
that I had not spent the time to enjoy
a glass of iced tea on my patio.


So each year since then,
I have taken at least one summer day
to sit and sip a refreshing beverage on the patio.


But I can never sit for long
enjoying the gardens around me.


I always set the iced tea on the table
and pick up the camera.


But at least I have enjoyed a summer day
before the evenings turn cold again.


MadSnapper said...

i count photographing beauty of nature as enjoying it. i start out each morning walking around in the yard and finding so much beauty, it changes each day. actually the glass of tea is fantastic. i carry a coffee cup until i pick up the camera. it is rare for me to go in the yard that i don't take at least one pic

Dotti said...

You're a wise lady ... and that tea looks mighty refreshing ... I'll be right over! (Visiting from Little Things Thursday.)

Wayne said...

Nice bokeh. I like documenting the changes in the flowers each year as well.

Kmcblackburn said...

Sometimes ya gotta stop and smell the roses...OR...drink the tea :)

Kim said...

This made me smile from top to bottom! I love iced tea, sweet, please! The capture of your glass of tea is darling! I love it!

Nancy said...

You certainly capture some beautiful shots as your tea sits waiting for you....

Unknown said...

It's good to once in a while sit and let the world go by, but I have as much difficulty to stick to it as you do:)

Sarah Huizenga said...

Ah...summer so beautiful.

Out on the prairie said...

i looked for my sun tea jar after looking this over. I like your skipper on the coneflowers.I have gotten a few shots of two tiny bees that enjoy this bloom.

Unknown said...

What a lovely way to spent a summer day :). All the beautiful things to capture and enjoy and the refreshing tea too of course. Thank you for sharing and coming to our party :). Have a great weekend!

AppleApricot Wen said...

Oh wow Rebecca, your photos are beautiful! Especially the first and last one, they are my favs. The glass filled with ice tea with the green background and the little creature on top of that gorgeous flower... Wishing you a peaceful week. Wendy

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Rebecca thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
I just love that hydrangea - I'd love to be able to produce an image like that with my editing.
Do you have a link where I could learn how?
I do love photography and editing. Have PSE 8 but never used it. I tend to use other more simple programs for my blog. I certainly could improve heaps on my images!
Love the Echinaceas also.
Have a fun snapping week!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I have the same problem with my camera. I can never sit still for very long...I have 2 speeds, stop and go..when I sit for to long I fall asleep.
I love your header also by the way. Is that Nubble light? I used to live nearby.

Unknown said...

I am the same, never sit still for long enough to really enjoy the sitting. Lovely photos here and thanks for linking up.