Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bloopers in the Surf

 My son's friend's first attempt at ocean kayaking...
and look at that wave ahead of him. 

My son takes a spill too. 

And of course, my husband...I love the feet in the air. 
Water up the nose no doubt. 

 My husband's cousin....oops.

 The girlfriends take a spill and are assisted by a cute surfer dude 
while the boyfriends watched helplessly from shore. 
That will teach the guys a thing or two. 

We had a great week 
and so much fun with the kayaks, 
especially when the dolphins swam by. 

Stone Harbor, New Jersey


  1. Such an adventurous crew! I was happy to sit, drink wine, eat, and soak up rays. But then got better action shots than I did :)

  2. these photos are priceless memories and it looks like everyone was having a total blast... the feet in the air is my favorite shot... did you get in the kayaks?

    1. Yes, I kayaked but usually in the morning when the surf was calm.

  3. It looks like you have some adventurous people in your life. Good for them for trying such a thrilling sport!

  4. Fun fun fun. You really got some awesome shots. I bet this goes down as one of the best trips ever.

  5. I never realized how difficult this would be, I always see experienced people making it look easy.

  6. It looks like fun, yet I don't think I could do it!

  7. Fun! I grew up a few miles north of Stone Harbor in the Margate area. I loved ocean kayaking! Great captures!!

  8. Oh you captured some great action shots and not always the easiest to do☺ Visiting from Tamars blog. Have a great week.

  9. Nice shots! It's way too hot here, like over 100F everyday so this looks wonderful.

  10. Sounds like a glorious adventure!


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