Wednesday, August 7, 2013

He's My Sunshine

I looked out the window yesterday and saw this:
My son. 
He makes me smile.

Just like his mom. 
He was focused on getting a bird shot. 
The red blanket was his camouflage - 
he had a remote for the camera in his hand. 

I read a tutorial on backyard bird shots 
which had a great suggestion in it:  
Add branches to the feeder. 
The birds will often perch on a branch 
before going to the feeder  
which creates a natural looking image.


  1. your young bird is so handsome, and he made me smile to. i like the bird with the wing in the air...great idea on the branches.

  2. I like that suggestion! I've added a few small cup feeders on a low wall, hopefully, that will work. It seems to attract cardinals :-)

  3. Oh like your camera. Excellent pictures great idea right outside your place and you have the stand with camera as well.

    We cannot have bird feeders becuase of bears so the branches seem cute way of getting them.

  4. Great idea with adding the branches. Much more natural for the visiting birds as well.

  5. Great shots! That is so wonderful he is interested in photography.

  6. I know you love that he enjoys photography....Anything we can share with our kids builds relationship and a bond....

    The shots are great and I hope you will share more of his work over time....

  7. Fantastic,I was recently given a real nice bird blind by a county conservation group I have done a lot of volunteer with.

  8. Great idea about adding a branch, I never would have thought of that in a million years!


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