Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Life Lesson from the Blacksmith

The fire has to get pretty hot
before the iron bends.

Kind of like life, isn't it?
I know I don't usually change things up until
the fire gets hot and I'm feeling uncomfortable.

But once hot enough,
I become malleable too.
It's the motivation I need to make an overdue life change.

Cold, brittle, resistance will get us nowhere.
So much to learn from the blacksmith.

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  1. Usually it takes something big to move us or give as an important realization about life. This analogy with the Blacksmith works quite beautifully actually.

  2. when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change, we will change. the blacksmith story is perfect... and the photo of him in the window is just beautiful.

  3. Great analogy between change and the blacksmith..I think most of us will avoid change until the consequences of the situation force to deal with the issue....I love the second picture where he is looking at you with those piercing eyes.....

  4. Totally agree. The heat purifies, and helps us see what we need to let go. We grow that way. Lovely analogy.

  5. Change can be hard. I listen to new ideas but don't always adhere to them.

  6. Very cool! Love the first picture!

  7. Wise words, I wish I were more flexible ...

  8. Love that first picture and a great way to use the photos for a life lesson :)

  9. Beautiful analogy, lovely photos. Perfectly stated!

  10. I could learn a lot from a blacksmith. ;)

  11. Very well-put. I like this a lot. I hope to be flexible even before the fire gets that hot!


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